Enriched Flight Instructor Rating

The OAS Enriched Flight Instructor Rating course provides all of the basic training a student requires to qualify for a Class 4 Transport Canada Instructor Rating and more.

OAS believes that training Flight Instructors to be proficient in the modern aviation environment must go beyond the basic requirements of the Class 4 Transport Canada Instructor rating, to include instruction on use of modern flight training technologies and Standard Operating Procedures. For this reason, our Enriched Flight Instructor Rating course includes additional professional development training that makes graduates more desirable to airline and flight instructor employers.

Topics covered in our enriched course include:

  • Effective use of simulators in ab initio flight training;
  • How to teach Safety Management Systems to Students and licensed pilots;
  • How to teach in a structured professional program using Operations Manuals, Crew Resource Management and other Standard Operating Procedures; and
  • Instruction techniques relevant to teaching in the modern training environment.

Instructor training prepares graduates to teach in any Canadian ab initio programs. The course also responds to the changing knowledge and technology needs of industry and to the increased teaching skill needed for modern Canadian flight training organizations.

“An aviation job for every graduate” – that is the vision of OAS. Our programs have been developed with that vision in mind and make employment a reality. Graduates of our enriched Flight Instructor Rating course are eligible to work as Flight Instructors in Canada. In addition, Flight Instructors who work for OAS, and who achieve certain course and employment related benchmarks, are guaranteed an interview with a domestic airline.

With world-class training programs supported by qualified instructors, modern training aircraft and flight simulators, let OAS provide your pathway to exciting employment opportunities in the aviation industry.

Program Pre-Requisites and Requirements

  • Valid Commercial Pilot Licence
  • Pass OAS Selection Process designed to assess student motivation, ability to finance the course, and aptitude. Selection will be conducted through interviews and computer-based tests
  • 120 hours including 25 hours flying and 10 hours teaching techniques