Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Program

Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Program

About The Program  

The OAS integrated Airline Transport Pilot License (iATPL) program focuses on “stick and rudder” skills, upset recovery training, glass cockpit and multi-crew training, with a complete Turbine Transition course and “Virtual Type Rating” on the King Air B200. It will also allow you to write the Airline Transport Pilot exams by the end of the course. 

The program gives you a commercial pilot license with multi-engine/instrument rating and a frozen ATPL. You will write the written ATPL exam, and once you get 1500 hrs of flying your license will convert automatically to a fully realised ATP License. 

We are proud to have partnerships in place with a number of Canadian commercial airlines.  Student pilots who meet the iATPL Program benchmarks are guaranteed interviews with at least one of those airlines.


  • Eighteen years of age prior to scheduled Commercial Pilot tests
  • High school diploma (grade 12) or equivalent
  • Working knowledge of English, written and oral
  • Class 1 Canadian aviation medical certificate
  • Subject to OAS Selection Process 

Training Includes

  • 760 hours of classroom academics
  • 53.6 hours of simulator training
  • 199.8 hours of flight time

Program Length

The OAS iATPL program follows a 16-month full-time flight training curriculum.  Weather, skills and aptitude may extend the length of the program.  We recommend all students schedule for 18 months of training.

Program Cost

Please contact us for current program pricing.

How To Apply

You can apply now using our Online Application Form, or by contacting us to set up an appointment to complete your application forms.

Application requirements include:

  • a valid passport or government-issued photo identification
  • your Class 1 Canadian Medical
  • a signed authorization from a parent or guardian if you are under the age of 18

Application Fee

A $300 CAD application fee is required in order to process your application.  Various payment methods are accepted.  This application fee is non-refundable.


If accepted into the program, you will be required to make an initial deposit of $5317.00 CAD to secure your place in the intake.  This deposit will be applied to your program tuition costs. 


International Students

In order to train in Canada, you must have a Canadian Student Visa.  Online applications can be found at the following website link:  Application to Study in Canada

Your acceptance into the OAS iATPL program will be conditional on having a Canadian Student Visa.

Class 1 Canadian Aviation Medical Certificate

Transport Canada medical examiners can be found around the world.  You can search for medical examiners closest to you at the following website link: Canadian Aviation Medical Examiners

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*Approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005