Private Pilot Training

Private Pilot Training

About The Program: 


The Private Pilot License (PPL) is viewed as a first step into a career in aviation. It is also for those who want to fly for a hobby without the restrictions imposed on a Recreational Pilot Permit. It allows you to carry passengers and fly anywhere in a Canadian Registered Aircraft. After your PPL, you can do your Night Rating, Commercial Pilot Licence, Instrument Rating, Multi Engine Rating, and Aerobatics Rating



– 17 years of age (authorization from a parent or guardian if you are not 18 years of age)

 Complete a class 3 aviation medical

– Valid ID



Flight Training


Training Device

Hours In Program

Total Cost

Cessna Solo



Cessna Dual







Ground Training


Ground School



Basic Ground Briefs







Misc Fees








Transport Canada Licensing Fees



Transport Canada Written Test Fees






NAV Canada









Training Cost



 *Costs are approximate:

– They are based on training in a C-172

– They will vary according to the amount of time an individual student takes to reach the standard

– HST at 13% is not included

– Fees charged by other parties such as medical are estimates as these parties set their own fees



Training requires completion of a 40 hours ground school, 35 hours of dual instruction and 10 hours solo; however the national average to complete a PPL is 70 hours. This licence enables you to fly single-engine land aeroplanes based on the ratings you obtain with the license. Ratings such as a Night, Instrument, Multi-Engine, and Aerobatics can be obtained after the PPL is earned. This is the gateway to a career in aviation.

About OAS:


Ottawa Aviation Services (OAS) is a pilot training academy with 25 years of successful training. OAS is a modern, innovative company that provides high-quality, competency-based pilot training programs located the Ottawa International Airport.

An Aviation Job for Every Graduate: At OAS, we want to help aspiring pilots build exciting careers. OAS has partnerships with 6 different airlines, creating exciting job opportunities for all of our students.

Centrally located 20 minutes from downtown, our bilingual staff is able to meet all your training needs.

How To Apply:


You can apply now using our Online Application Form, or by calling or emailing to set up an appointment to complete your application forms. You will need valid photo ID, your class 3 medical, and the authorization from a parent or guardian if you are under the age of 18. Once your file has been completed and reviewed by our Chief Flight Instructor, you will be assigned a primary instructor. Your instructor will guide you through your training.

How To Get An Aviation Medical:

A list of approved Transport Canada Medical Examiners can be found around the world. You can search for medical examiners closest to you on the following website



How To Apply For A Canadian Student Visa:

In order for International Students to train in Canada, you must first apply for a Canadian Student Visa. Online applications can be found on the following website